Welcome to the website of Espace Informatique.

Espace Informatique was established in 2004 and has recently moved to new premises to facilitate its continued growth. Espace Informatique is owned by a bilingual team comprising of Sébastien Guennec and Julian Watt. They have many years of experience in the IT and electronic sectors and can assure you of a high quality of service whether you’re looking to buy a new computer, accessories or repair an existing computer with either problems with the hardware or windows/Linux/Mac OS X boot and virus issues.

If dealing with a hard disk problems or system boot problems we will ensure that your data is backed up prior to changing hard drives or reinstalling the system. We are more than happy to reinstall windows, Linux or Max OS X in English.

Viruses are a common problem today, here at Espace Informatique we deal with them all, 90% of the time we can manage to remove the virus infections and restore your computer to an operational state, however sometimes the windows system is too damaged by the virus and a full system backup and reinstallation is required, of course we also scan your data prior to replacing it on you cleaned system hard drive.

Website creation is another service that we offer, be it a website in French or English we can take care of translations as well as domain name registration, hosting and website creation. Most websites created by us use systems which allow you to make updates yourselves. We are always happy to see our clients to help them out if they require assistance.

Come and see us in our new shop at 54 rue Colbert, direction Baud from Reseau Pro and the Opel garage, after la foire fouille, the ‘aeroplane’ and Gabillet tracteurs.
Look forward to seeing you.

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Le magasin fait le pont du 15 mai. Réouverture le 18 mai.
Espace Informatique
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9H30 à 12H00 et de 14H00 à 19H00
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